Friday, July 17, 2009

Dance Miami, bro

Hello, Miami. I am in heavy writing mode. I can't imagine writing a novel, given that my thumbs are already begging for a bit of r&r after just a week of work. Well, they'll just have to wait! There's more to be done.

After my brush with art walk at Locust Projects last weekend, I went out dancing with my friends Meatball and Hillary, and we had good fun. It's strange to go out with the purpose of dancing in downtown Miami because many people really don't dance on the dance floor. They stand there and stare or take up space. Either way, White Room was fun and hot inside, there was some dancing, especially when Michael Jackson came on, but the party ended kind of early.

After that we went to Vagabond. It was Back Door Bamby and it was packed. I'm sure I've mentioned before that Back Door was one of the first parties I went to regularly as a late teen, or rather as a 21-year-old... It used to be at Crobar, midweek, and it was casual, gay and fun. It was the one of the few beach parties where dudes could wear flip-flops. Over 10 years later, it's turned into a much more kitsch party with go-go dancers, smoke and balloons. It's kind of neat. Ten years ago, it was a couple of drunk lesbians in mismatched bra and undies taking off their shirts while dancing on tables, now it's topless chicks with glitter and feathers. Just writing about it makes me want to go to Cameo. Sort of. 
I finally gave in and went to the Electric Pickle, mostly because it was my friend Genevieve's birthday last week. It was a Thursday night and if you're looking to dance - this is the night. It's not much different from Circa, but all I can say is that the Thursday rock 'n' roll party is really fun and the music is tops. 

Tonight, I plan to healing, since I'm feeling sick, and then possibly going to this place again for a house party to hear this DJ Jay-J. This is certainly not my cup of tea, but on the dance tip, and maybe for one night. Also, tonight at The Standard, the TM Sister are going to be performing with some bathing suits and a pool party around 8. Should I wear my suit, too? I'm going to get ready now. Keep on dancing, this isn't Bomont. 

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