Monday, July 27, 2009

More (f)art pics

There's Isabel Moros-Rigau and her quite awesome air balloons. The balloons were carried out and then released overhead. They eventually burned to ashes, and hopefully didn't fall on anyone's head. It was magical. 
Here's another of Meatball and there below is Genevieve with Justin Long. Somehow, she seems to have grown an extra paw, one that is moving south near Justin's nearly exposed privates. 
Freddy Nessi and co. were making sweaty art with strings for hours. It was amazing they lasted so long, I was about to collapse in a pile of dampness, and I wasn't even sequestered in a very warm room. 

One of the neatest things were these water creatures, upside-down jellyfish. They were projected individually on a screen in front of the tank. To put it plainly, it was beautiful. 


Marco said...

where are the fuckin FART pics!?
i don't see ANY

Odyssea said...

thank you miami, bro!
though i'd like to take all credit, the balloons were a collaboration with my brilliant and masterful friend SPACE...!
in fact, the initial idea resides in him...