Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's up, bro?

Last week I moved, so I had nothing to do but anxiously pack and mope. 
Here's The Utne Reader reporting on a story on how to be homeless by The Nation. I'm studying how to manage my new housing status. 

The doldrums of summer are passing and now we have a few interesting things popping up. 

Tonight, Afrobeta is playing for free at Jazid. 
Tomorrow, go give some poor kids at Fredrick Douglass Elem. $5 for art supplies. Sweat and Circuitree are hosting this event at Vagabond - read more here and the flyer is right down there.

Then on Thursday, The Down Home Southernaires changed their name to Animal Tropical, and they're kicking off a tour at Churchill's - I'll be posting my expanded article tomorrow - right here. The album is great. 
Also, Nightdrive is back at the American Legion, Thurs. This means cheap drinks. 

Friday is a special night I can't speak of online. Cryptic, I know. Pictures later.

Saturday, Aiden Dillard will be premiering his film Death Print, featuring many locals - Otto, Jose El Rey, TM Sisters - showing at the Colony Theater. It'll be an event.  

Aug. 11, the very awesome In The Red Records is representing in Miami with Davila 666 and the Jacuzzi Boys. These dudes recently played at Hi-tone in Memphis, so they should be good. Please don't wear heels or flip flops to this show. There's a chance I will step on your feet if you do. 


krylonultraflat said...

Shit, I thought Giving Tree was tomorrow.

In other news, Friday needs a videographer?

dmanichello said...

Where'd you move to? And I lost your number. Give it to me again so I can continue making plans to meet up with you and then selling out at the last minute.