Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A FUNeral for the Ages

Shrine for Nate

This past Friday noted the "passing" of a great friend of mine, former roommate to me and one of Miami's best. Nathan Vuong, once known as DJ Stickyrice, was also known for being adorable, Asian and awkward. He's one of my bestest buddies but he's off to start a new life in Los Angeles. CalArts has claimed yet another of my friends and in an effort to send him off, we respected the wishes of his best friend Kira and threw him a funereal themed get-together. 
There's the lucky guy in his coffin. One of his friends Frank happened to have 3,000 expired black condoms, which set the right mood for morbidity. I have some extra if any of you are interested in living on the edge.

Jason is a genius and a kind man. He made this brilliant t-shirt in memory of the departed: "see you at the crossroads." I seriously think he deserves an award for this effort. 

We did some eulogies and mine made me teary-eyed, but others told funny memories and expressed their regret at the Vuong departure. As you can see, he seems comfortable in his coffin with his black fan. 

After the sad stuff, Nathan did some karaoke and the dancing began. I could do a whole blog of Meatball dancing and Nathan doing karaoke. Next project! All in all, we had a great night with lots of good folks. Glad you all came! 

Doesn't he look angelic? 

Justin's shirt MJ shirt - appropriate - Gone Too Soon

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