Thursday, August 13, 2009

Churchill's again, bro?

Here are some pictures from the Davila 666/Jacuzzi Boys show on Tuesday at Churchill's - pictures were taken by Ivan Santiago - thank you, homey! 

These guys were hot, as in they were really freaking hot and didn't play long because it was over a million degrees inside. I guess it's cooler in the PR? I don't know, never been (this was meant as a joke, humorless folks).
This guy on the guitar, right below here, was really good. He was probably the most skilled musician on stage all night, not to dis on anyone else. I was impressed. The music was good, but the crowd had thinned out at that point, possibly because it was oven-like in there. 
I have to give credit to the 2 best dressed people of the night, both drummers, actually. 
There's Diego, with his Route 66 t-shirt, which made me very happy. And even though almost nothing beats out Americana camp for me, the drummer of Davila 666 was even better dressed, or undressed, rather. Sure he was topless, but he had a RUBBERY SNAKE around his neck! What a freaking genius! If only I were a boy. There wouldn't be a day this city didn't see my nipples! Oh I would garnish my manly chest with childhood treasures. You'd like it, I can tell. 


Anonymous said...

What childhood treasure would you garnish

EAT said...

Strawberry Shortcake. She smells good.

Jeffrey said...

I overheard them call the drummer "the Latin Snake"!