Monday, August 10, 2009

Do I look good, bro?

I didn't want to get into it about The Sartorialist, but I just saw this picture and I became inspired.

I've long agreed with my mostly gay, male friends that this guy really knows men's fashion. Every dude on the site makes me want to become either some anorexic, 7-foot-tall, queer, male fashionista or a middle-aged, gay Asian with rolled up khakis. These dudes almost always look at least kind of cool. I find he also knows a well dressed older lady, however The Sartorialist is always very far off with his younger women's wear. All the chicks look like they just left Forever 21, but a little less cheap. Like how does this belong with this

This kid pictured below, his daughter, is adorable, but the thing that stands out here is that she's dressed like a very stylish boy. She's a little dude. Truth be told, God, I wish I could wear this outfit without actually becoming a lesbian. It's cuter than cute! 

One last comment. Does this make anyone else uncomfortable? Does he have camel toe? Is that even possible? 
OK, wait, I'm not finished - this guy is fly

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Emily Sue said...

His daughter is amazing. Really reminds me of how my sister used to dress as a kid, actually.