Saturday, August 15, 2009

Needless, bro

Very importantly, Adam Gersten/Needless Records, is throwing Saturday night at PS14. It's imperative that you attend. 
Entrance is only $5 and the flyer is really likable! 
DJ's will include Oly, Benton and Bert Rodriguez, so there will be a diversity of sounds. The Jacuzzi Boys are playing and Barreracudas will be in performing, in from Georgia and they sound like fun. 
Two more bands have been added, Little Beard and Teepee, and Adam and his brother Mike will be DJing as the Flying Gerstini Bros. I know you're drooling now, so go and wish me an early happy birthday. 

Do like I do, and pretend you're young again; you remember the angst.  

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