Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Miami blah, bro

Still having an absolute shit time lately. Don't know where I'll be living in a week, don't have money, have been freelancing on a few projects, but still sadly poor, had trouble claiming my weeks and the list goes on and on and gets more unsavory as it goes. 

There are a bunch of headlines I've been thinking about posting.
First, I love Mark Bittman and I love salad dressing even more, but what the hell is he thinking with this intro? He's like Larry David, but not funny. Do you think he consulted Gwen Paltrow on all this? It looks like it might be her influence. 

Henry Louis Gates Jr got arrested in his own house because of some racist, control obsessed officer and stupid neighbors. Gates yelled that the sergeant had, "no idea who he was messing with." He probably didn't. Well he didn't at all actually. I think you might remember Gates from when he told Chris Rock and Oprah how black they really are in African American Lives 2. That is, unless you're not as PBS obsessed as I. 

This story sucks. The really cute dog stole the 4 day old baby. I'm glad the baby's ok, but don't kill the puppy!

And since I get all my news from AOL. Here's the story about Maria del Carmen Bousada, this ancient lady that lied to become impregnated with twins and then, soon after, croaked. When are old ladies going to learn that their bodies aren't made for making babies anymore. They can't handle the stress of pregnancy. This one got a tumor after giving birth to TWINS. She was 66 years old. They didn't even use her frozen eggs, so she could have just adopted. Not sure about the whole thing, but unnatural doesn't begin to cover it. 

All of this on the tail of the divorce of Kate and John, leaving all million of their offspring helplessly neglected. I don't know what these 2 expected when they decided that it was WRONG to abort one of their billion fertilized fetuses, but I think this was a clear end result. People should not have 6 kids at once, unless it happens naturally, which it won't. 
Kate, John, this was a bad idea and now your many children will become the products of a broken home with an unloving mom and an unavailable dad. Who takes care of these little cretins now anyway?  

I have nothing more to say now. If anyone has good news, please share. I'm in need. 


*elAndres said...

Liz! I've been needing a place too, not as soon as you, but we should chat; as for good news, i couldn't find think of any, but found this

Diego said...

Hi. I saw the link to your blog on a story you wrote called "Minimal Nothing". Just wanted to leave a comment saying that I couldn't believe you actually wrote "Minimal (pronounced like mini-mall)" in regards to the pronounciation of the band's name. Not sure if you did this as a joke, but it's in poor taste and definitely wrong.

EAT said...

Diego, don't know you, but am friends with Jose Luis. It was a JOKE and it is funny because I don't speak Spanish, but every time my friend Nico mentioned going to a show I seriously thought she was saying mini-mall, so please, get a sense of humor.

Andres! I think I heard that you were moving. I'll be in touch! Thanks for the happy news.

Emily Sue said...

I thought this blog was founded on the principals of poor taste! Please don't disappoint.
I hope you find a place to live - any desire to move to a new and exotic place you discovered on your cross-country tour? There's always Duluth. I say that without an exclamation point.
Good luck with everything. We should converse soon!

ogeiD said...

Please, don't go there with the whole "get a sense of humor" routine. It was obviously an inside joke that I did not get and that's fine. I hope you see the dilemma if it wasn't a joke.

Happy house hunting!