Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black Lips and Mt. Sinai, bro

As you can see, I went to the Black Lips show at Churchill's. And though the show was fun, it wasn't the ultimate highlight of my evening, which was watching victims of the WMC at Mt. Sinai's ER. But I'll get to that in a minute. 

This is the third time I've seen Black Lips perform, both other times were in '06 in NY. First time, they opened at Roseland for the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and it was, ok, sort of forgettable, as was the YYY's show (boring). The second time they opened for Be Your Own Pet at Bowery Ballroom, and that was a great performance. They were more raw then. They didn't piss on the crowd, as they were known for doing in the past, but two of them smooched and there was some
spitting and other fun stage antics. That night though, we didn't even stay for the opening act, because a guy from the Canadian band Demon's Claws opened fire on the crowd with a fire extinguisher. Freaking Canadians, I love you.

Miami's own Jacuzzi Boys opened last night with a new band member who looked like the Muppet Swedish Chef but was wearing an ensemble dangerously similar to my own (pictured above). Churchill's was packed to the brim. Luckily it was cool outside, because otherwise, I think we all would have melted. Surprisingly, the audience was moderately sane, and although some kids were jumping off the stage at the end of the Black Lips set, during the "appropriately named" song, "Bad Kids," there wasn't any major crowd damage.   

I have to say, Black Lips is the cutest band out there. I mean, they're adorable and under 25. The one is gay, I think, as he kisses boys and said on stage last night, "I don't dig girls" (that's an indicator). The music, although an obvious revival of garage of days past, stands on its own, with lyrics that address a contemporary audience of youngsters. I give em a 4 out of 5.

I had a good time. Front row, I sweat through my dress and my hair - very unattractive. In typical Miami, bro style, I wanted a picture with my favorite little black lip, and he was more than kind about obliging (in your face Matt Damon). He even indulged me with a compliment and a staged picture (below - don't judge me. I was sweaty, not greasy, I swear).  

After the show, as we ladies were leaving, my friend suddenly felt ill and passed the fuck out. She hit the band's van and then the gravel, and luckily one of the roadies, who looked a little too clean cut, helped her into my car. I have to say, the whole crew of them were compassionate as my girls rushed to the aid of my lightheaded friend. In order to avoid the fright of the Jackson emergency room, I rushed my friend over to Mt. Sinai, which is a pretty clean, quiet place. 

However, there, we did experience a creepy shirtless man, also parked on a nearby gurney, who happened to take a liking to us. In a low voice, he made lewd remarks about our anatomy and blew us pervy kisses. There was an out-of-towner who had been hit on the head with a champagne bottle and who had enjoyed the delights of ecstasy. He started a fight with his friend, on site, classy dude. Another lovely specimen strolled by in a tiny leopard print dress, big hair and --- bare feet! There's nothing more repulsive than bare feet on South Beach or bare feet on a hospital floor except for someone's feet who have experienced both. 

The nurses there were really nice, if you happen to pass out outside of Churchill's, I'd recommend Mt. Sinai. All in all, an eventful night. 


lila said...

we were all a little sweaty; thats what churchills is all about. the only non-sweaty, cute one was steph, as evidenced by your photo <3

Emily Sue said...

Your pic with Cole - adorable. LOVE IT!
I am jealous. I haven't seen me Black Lips for over a year now. Need a fix!
Glad the roadies were there to help...

Anousonne said...

Hello there,

We were at the Generiq Festival on February to film an amazing hardcore and bounce-heading punk show from the Black Lips! I was just there, in the pit with my camera, really intense ;)
Seems like you can be interested by our video :)

You can check it on
We broadcast the whole concert for free!

So enjoy!

Anousonne //

EAT said...

Anousonne, j'aime le video. Merci a le partage.