Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow, whatever, bro.

After my eventful Friday night, I definitely thought twice about leaving my bedroom on Saturday. But I got about 10 hours of sleep and couldn't continue to lie there much longer, so I got up and went out.

Not that anyone cares about the details, but I helped my friend and neighbor pack for a NY move, then I took about three hours to get dressed and make myself presentable. Horribly enough, even after those hours of contemplation, there was a girl out wearing, and I quote my friend Meatball here, "the same color scheme" as I was. Downer.

I tried to catch the end of the Matt and Kim show, but I missed it. Everyone there was very young, like really cute, tiny and infantile. Feeling like a dinosaur, I shuffled over to O.H.W.O.W. which my friend referred to as something like, "Oh, wow. This sucks." The two other times I've been to the space, for Confection and during Basel, I was mostly impressed. However, I think WMC can ruin just about anything, this being proof.

I waited for 40 minutes for a warm beer. The lonely and busy bartendress was bombarded with people hungry for drink, like myself. I've noticed no one ever tips these art opening beer-slingers. Give em a buck, you cheap bastards.

The photography was forgettable, and after the gallery was closed, the other room turned into a sauna-like rave area, dark and uninviting. Where the Black Lips show was sweaty and fun, this was just sweaty and borderline frightening. Someone else referred to it as resembling a high school party, and I added, minus the perks of a cold keg.

I swung by the newest Wynwood party place, the Awarehouse. I know there was a busy opening there a few weeks back, but it was pretty quiet when we arrived. The space is really large and airy, with both inside and outside areas. It's reminiscent of the old Ice Palace where NADA has it's annual art fair (across from PS14). It think that it'll be used well during Basel.

Lastly, I would like to brag about what a do-gooder I am. Tomorrow I'm heading up to Tallahassee to lobby our state legislators to expand medicaid/Kidcare, protect immigrants, remove ridiculous tax exemptions and other such well intentioned stances to money/access issues. If you want to give money to support me and the others, click here. I'm excited to volunteer, but dreading the bus ride up. Yes. The bus. The mere thought fills me with dread. Hopefully it will be a fruitful journey and I'll have loads to report back.


cb said...

The New Times announcing Lil Jon was going to be there ended up getting OHWOW overcrowded.

Apparently he and the DJs with him were good, but I wasn't staying until 3am for that. Cops came and shut the place down at 4am.

Anonymous said...

You supported the AWAREHOUSE? I hope that you're AWARE that the money behind this venture comes from COMMUNIST VENEZUELA MILITARY! It says so on their website. Get informed. BOYCOTT THE AWAREHOUSE!