Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shake that ass, bro

I hadn't yet made it out to Shake, the hip hip night at Vagabond. So last Thursday, I had a ride out and decided that that was the day my Shake cherry would be popped.

It started out looking like a sausage fest, which I wouldn't call a downside for myself, but for the boys, it might be. Eventually though, the crowd's gender demographics diversified. The crowd was definitely not that of Friday/Saturday night Vagabond hipster scene, nor was it like the old Thursday night Money$hot crowd. I was impressed by the difference in pull Shake had. Lots of crispy curls and baggy jeans, and everyone was dancing, shaking booties, making out. I liked it.

Bringing me back to elementary school, Mike Tyson's Punch-out! was set up and playable on a large screen at the front bar. All night drink specials were good, cheap cuba libres and Colt 45 tall-boys. There was a chugging contest

The highlight was Alex Caso spinning Latin music in the back patio. Every once in a while this guy in a guayabera would emerge from the darkness to play along on his trumpet. The whole concept was brilliant. It's always thrilling to get a little live music when you're not expecting it. All of these elements came together to create the atmosphere of a fun house party that you're glad you got invited to, got drunk at and where you got to dance stupidly to really good, classic Miami music.

FYI Digable Planets will be performing at Shake on April 16th.


Chris Mora said...

The last time (only time) I saw Digable Planets was at the same venue (well I/O). It was miserable in the main room. I never even able to get inside actually (the main room). They ended up carrying one girl out who had passed out from the heat and crowd...

I hope they have planned it better...

Wow it was hot in there. And not in a good way like Nelly says.

Chris Mora said...

Oh and it was nice seeing you at the King Khan show which was the complete opposite of my Digable Planets experience.

Great night!

Marco said...

i was at that DP show....fuckin SUUUUUUUUUUCKED AAAAAAAASSSSSS....it smelled like Swamp Things toe jam in that place, the sound was JANK as FUCK and i think i was the one person ever to contract cholera from other people's sweat...guuuuhhh