Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guest Blogger: Farrah Crashes Ted Kennedy's Birthday

My cousin Farrah snuck into Ted Kennedy's birthday bash, and wrote a mass e-mail about it, which I'm converting into this bragging blog. The good part is where Obama sings happy birthday to Ted. I made my commentary in purple. 

I have been volunteering the past few weekends at the Kennedy Center for the Arabesque festival and have been posted in the main Halls of the Nations and States since I am an Arabic Interpreter, etc. It has been fun for the most part but also a great connection into the political elites' circle...

So, last night I politico-star gazed as many VIPs walked the red carpet en route to Sen. Ted Kennedy's Birthday Tribute Concert. It was so cool for political nerds! I saw, shook hands with, and chatted a little about foreign policy to the Middle East with Sen. John Kerry (
She shook his hand and said, "inshallah, peace in Gaza!") and also chatted with journalist Chris Matthews, and was inches away from Caroline Kennedy, Maria Shriver, James Taylor, Tom Daschel, Wolf Blitzer, John McCain (to whom she literally gave one of her trademark hideous monkey faces) and Lieberman (both horrors), Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, among many others who I recognized from CSPAN but can't remember names.

I managed to snag a ticket for myself to go into the tribute concert after my shift ended. Bill Cosby was the host, John Williams was the conductor, James Taylor performed, among many other musicians. I saw Michelle Obama sitting next to Sen. Kennedy and VP Biden. Kerry was behind them but there was an empty seat next to Michelle.  I was maybe 50 feet away on the 1st tier, and they were one level below me on the box level.  THEN Bill Cosby came out for the finale and made a cheesy joke about how nobody at restaurants ever begin to sing "Happy Birthday" on the right note but that "we have a special guest here tonight to start off on the right note." Then out walked President Obama and he began to sing, as the audience joined in  "Happy Birthday to Teddyyyyyy."  Obama went back to greet Sen. Kennedy and I got to wave to him ~ he didn't see me. BUT maybe one day I can work with the team...? It was a great once-in-a-life time opportunity to see how the Senate "parties" and I was so glad to have been a part of it.  


farrahflave said...

The subject of the email was something like: "I FINALLY SAW OBAMA IN PERSON" b/c being in DC and working in the Prez Transition Team's hideous building, one would think I'd get more than one opportunity! But no. Volunteering for the Kennedy Center is where it's at! Since I got an extra ticket from one of the Kennedy Center ushers, (granted it was half-way through the concert), clearly I must be among "the who's who of DC" according to www.citizensugar.com post :-p

diana said...

i am so proud of you farrah! did you really give mccain a monkey face?