Wednesday, March 11, 2009

King Khan and the Shrines made Vagabond's Saturday night

I first heard of King Khan and BBQ Show from my musically well-informed friend, Emily, a couple of years back while we were living in New York. I never expected these guys to become Miami "regulars," having performed last year at Churchill's and last weekend at Vagabond. On Saturday, King Khan even said Miami was his favorite city. Which is funny, since most of the crowd is probably counting down the days before they can get to their parentally-funded lofts off of Lorimer. 

King Khan and the Shrines played probably one of the best shows Miami has seen in awhile. It was quirky, fun and there was enough energy in the room to power the L train for weeks. The sexy, soulfully psychedelic music was one element, but the real show was the audience, which was openly involved. Many were crowd-surfing and stage-diving. Some of them were aggressive assholes, some more in it just for fun. King Khan was the highlight of the show, at one point pulling Diego of the Jacuzzi Boys on stage and introducing him as his son and then bringing Kizzy up as "his wife." A family affair, I suppose. Hopefully they return soon to the sunny city locals love to hate, and which King Khan claims to love.

How cute is Kizzy?


Emily Sue said...

I can understand why Miami is his favorite city - you people know how to have a good time, unlike the crowds in the rest of the country who pretty much stand still and are too self-conscious to move a muscle!
I want to have some good times...Maybe King Khan will come play Duluth?

EAT said...

Maybe! They'll be in NY end of May, I think. Let's go!

Gurken said...

That is The Shrines, not The King Khan & BBQ Show.

EAT said...

Gurken, I clearly wrote that in the title and if you had read the post, you would have seen that I went and saw the Shrines. I mentioned BBQ Show only in reference to when I first heard King Khan.

robert said...

i saw King Khan at Harvest of hope right before the miami show. First show i saw at the festival and i said it would be the best right after and it turned out it was. They were amazing, blew me away. I love such a high energy band that really does up the theatrics and crowd interaction and .. yeah...aewsome band!!! i'm glad they love miami