Monday, November 23, 2009

A bro's Christmas gift ideas

I usually have to think things over long and hard before I spread the word on cool junk I've found on the internet. I think it over and then over again and then I don't share. It is, though, the Christmas season, and no matter how much I actually want to buy everything for myself, I realize my bank account will not permit this fantasy to become a reality.

The newish and brilliant blog Regretsy has taken this idea of sharing internet finds to a new level. Please take it into consideration when writing your gift list.

For those of you who are penniless, I think the right thing to do is to Give-A-Tree Card for the Arbor Day Foundation. These adorable cards cost only a few bucks, but you get to give Mother
Earth back a tree or two. You've certainly used enough of them on your bottom over the years.

These next few suggestions are just off the Urban Outfitters site, which is not too creative on my part, I know. However, these are actually cute, little finds. This whale tail hook is like my dream stocking stuffer and the Slimer penny bank is incroyable (rad, bros).

Also worth mentioning are these headphone mitten type things and a 3D model of a swine's anatomy. It's kind of what Christmas is all about: Slimer and swine.

There are a ton of awesome gift possibilities on the Three Potato Four Shop.
You need an antique life preserver for a friend in St. Louis?
You've got it!
Have a hankering for an Indian Motorcycle trophy?
They have not only one, but a collection of these bad boys.
What's that, you say? A notebook with a skateboarding pigeon on it?
Oh, yes, it's there.
This site has hours of eye candy on it. Enjoy.

I know these booger candies are sold out on Blue Ribbon General Store site, but if you keep your fingers crossed, maybe they'll restock them.
A gal can dream!

Stay tuned for more ideas.


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