Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He Crazy

I found this on White Lightning.
I can't even begin to explain how this brings me back. It's not like I'm Kim Gordon or anything, but one 0f the highlights of my high school trips to NYC was going to X-Girl and X-Large. X-Girl is/was Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth's line where all the clothes are engineered for miniature, slender or Asian women. X-Large was the Beastie Boys store nearby. A few years ago, I bought my favorite jeans at the X-Girl in LA, but I think it was on the way out and is now closed.
The clothes themselves weren't what was actually cool. It was the whole idea that your favorite musicians made clothes you could afford. You could wear their gear of your idols, and it made you feel closer to being a part of the music they made, the image they portrayed. I loved Sonic Youth when I was in middle school, which was, sadly, before 1994, so the whole visit to the store was a thrill. With time, X-Girl clothes became much more stylish than this. It's sort of a sorry representation of what the era and X-Girl was all about. Anyway, I was excited to see this.


I love Chuck Klosterman. I'm not like in love with him, and I mean, it's not like I've read every single thing he's written. I admit I hit a wall reading Fargo Rock City, but I loved Killing Yourself to Live. I think he's a personality genius.
Flavorpill has a post listing his top 12 albums that'll kick writer's block. Given the inconsistent blogging I've done this year, I feel I may need that inspiration.
Posting this just in case you do too.

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Emily Sue said...

Oh man, when I was 13 I wanted X-Girl clothing so badly, I can't even tell you. Jealous you had access. Oh, to be young and think Kim Gordon was the coolest person in the world. Now I'm totally disillusioned with her. Kill yr. idols...

EAT said...

I know. I couldn't afford the clothes at 14... I would go to NY and just buy one Anna Sui tee shirt for $25 and then I was broke.
I did buy the jeans when I was 26, which is pretty neat. I feel like that always happens in life - it's like you want something you can't have it until years later when the magic has died down a bit.
Oh, well.

BabySquids said...

oh wow... x-girl? that took just took me back down memory lane big time.

Joshua Bloodgin said...

Sex drugs and coco puffs is bonkers awesome