Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meteors, Meteors Everywhere!

Two of my lovely girlfriends came out with me to the Everglades to try and see the leonid meteor shower taking place right over our heads, right now. We drove down 8th Street, a bit past the lights. There wasn't much to see but some stars. We did manage to each catch at least a few glimpses falling meteors. A magical ending to a pretty darn good day.


Chris Mora said...

How far out did you go? I'm really upset I missed it this year. I was able to catch them once and it was pretty amazing.

I'm assuming the popularity of it increases if it falls on a weekend, that year I went there were miles of parked cars and impressive setups of camera/camping gear.

EAT said...

We drove down to Cooperstown or whatever it's called. We were the only stargazers out there.

We really only saw a few each, but it was still pretty neat.

I remember the meteor shower that took place like 10 years ago, I was living at FIU, when it was still gladesy out there, and we just laid down on our cars. It was a nonstop light show. So awesome. This was minor league, but still neat.

nico said...

i really love these photos.