Thursday, November 12, 2009

Music and fashion, bro.

Clearly, directly influenced by my last post regarding both Sonic Youth and a top 12, Criterion's newsletter went out yesterday with a link to Sonic Youth's top 12 favorite Criterion Collection films.


Artist Caroline Hwang, whom I've had the pleasure of spending some time with over the years, was recently featured on the Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne blog. As I looked through the beautiful pictures, I quickly noticed that the majority of recent content is about the our magic city, Miami. How majorly awesome that the people of YSL feel that Miami has what it takes to make it big. I always knew we were a cute city, not so fashionable all the time, but this demonstrates progress. We're making strides. We're almost big time!

Books and Books is featured, which gives me a thrill (the Book Fair is this week-go hear some authors and read something on paper for a change), and so is A La Folie, the yummy creperie on Espanola Way.

Welcome to Miami, YSL! We're all sun and fun here. Sun and fun.


Stephanie said...

Yea dude, those dudes are all (a lot) from LA. LA loves Miami.

Emily Sue said...

My favorite thing about the Criterion thing is one of Kim Gordon's choices "Fat Girl" - which she hasn't actually seen. I rest my Kim Gordon case.

Regardless, I love the Criterion top 10 lists. Good times.

EAT said...

Steph: Miami loves LA! I miss LA. (sad face)

Emily: I noticed that - why even bother doing 12 if she hasn't seen the movie. Do 11. Hmmmm...