Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Congrats to my bro and bros.

I was jetsetting 2 weeks back, not for fun in the sun (though I did manage to get some in), but for the weddings of my little brother and one of my oldest and dearest girlfriends.

Jimmy, my brother, married Leah in DC and the following weekend, Stephanie married Flo in Los Angeles. Both weddings were beautiful and most importantly, very, very fun! Whereas I end up dancing to Robin S at gay clubs worldwide, I got to get low to Debbie Deb at 2 weddings, at both ends of the nation. You can take the bros out of Miami, but you can't take the Miami out of the bros.

In DC, it was so amazing to catch up with my family and old friends all at once. I loved having all my aunts and uncles and many of my cousins, Eddie (who flew in from London for 2 days), Liza and Kevin (from New York for 1 day!) all in one place to celebrate. It was so awesome caching up with Steph and Flo's friends, meeting new ones and bringing Miami to LA. I couldn't have seen more people I loved or met more interesting people in one week, short of getting married myself.
I wanted to write some sort of beautiful, sweeping congratulatory toast to the two wonderful couples, but I feel incredibly insecure doing so. I guess I could just say that it's rare to see couples more devoted to each other than these two. Both couples are best friends with their partners, they love and respect each other in all things. I think that no matter what, these bastards love the crap out of each other 'til the end and will be committed to making things work - and that is what marriage is all about.

Even though the journey around the country was exhausting for me, I was honored to attend the celebration of two unions that, I believe, are solid and enduring.


Georgina said...

perfectly said.

farrahflave said...

you are loved.

Stephanie said...

Yaahoo Lizzy! Thanks!