Sunday, December 13, 2009

Are two wheels better than four?

Last night, I went by the Bike Film Festival at the Colony Theater. I caught the 9:00 show, which involved a bunch of shorts, many of which mostly bored me and others that were incredibly enjoyable.

A couple of the films were identified by myself and my friend Ivan as "bike porn." This would define oddly and sexily edited shots of people riding bikes around major cities. Other films showed races with cyclists navigating their way through moving, oncoming traffic, sort of like Frogger with human flesh involved.

Although I have trouble sitting still for hours, one of the longest films tickled me pink. "The Scraper Bike King" was about these kids living in the ghettos of Oakland that hook their bikes up to look like candy brands and place colored material on their wheels. First of all, the kids are awesome and hilarious. The Scraper Bike King is like 20 years old and thinking super big (bro). He mentioned the eco-friendly nature of biking (thinking globally) and also expressed hope that they might receive sponsorships, hence the logos on their bikes. So entrepreneurial! There was a funny scene where they start talking Obama. The bikes look adorable and I was almost inspired enough to come home and put some foil on my bike. You must see this movie.

I'm having trouble finding their shirts on the Web. I thought it might be the awesomest X-mas gift ever (Jimmy, you're getting one if I ever find them on here).

All in all, if you weren't there, you missed a neat night out.

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