Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Basel, bro: day 1

Since this is essentially a journal for me, I have taken my sweet time to put up my Basel pictures and such. I also finally started a full-time job (yay!), so I had to focus on waking up early this week, which means going to bed before the time of my peak productivity.

I had a fun, but not insane, Art Basel this year and I would say that I saw more art last week than any one person should experience in about five years. Tuesday was sort of the busiest night. I started at Art Miami where they were handing out cotton candy (above), which is all the craze these days, but I can't have more than a few licks. I ended up in the Design District most of the night. At Exhibit 101, they had a hallway made of some sort of tarp and video work tucked into corners of the material. A photo shoot was taking place where the ladies were clothed in suits that looked like naked ladies' bodies. I don't have much to say about that, except the pictures turned out pretty nice despite the trite concept, and there was free Grey Goose with organic Arizona iced tea. Not a tasty combo.
The Moore Space was transformed into some sort of high end boutique which featured a Fendi bike and this furry Fendi guitar. I didn't leave coveting anything, but I did leave with quite a buzz. There were a few cute waiters who provided endless, full wine glasses of champagne.
We wandered about and went to the Friends With You store which was in the Buena Vista Building. I hope it stays open in that space. We wandered across the street to check out the David LaChapelle opening. Forgettable.

The Perrotin Gallery, which had been rumored to have closed, was open and, once again, in full-fun effect. Packed with Frenchies and locals, this is such a Basel highlight. Last year I tried to hook Pharell up with some friends, but this year, I left him be. We danced, we spilt red wine on my Opening Ceremony shirt (thanks Dylan!) and then we chatted and danced again.

After all of that madness, it was clear I was not driving home. We did manage to make it to Churchill's where we saw Kreamy 'Lectric Santa perform. Back in town after years away, now currently settled in San Francisco, this classic Miami, rock band really made everyone feel good. I have to say, what a great time and a wonderful set. It was Churchill's at it's finest.

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