Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bro, I got a press pass, bro

The Convention Center - Art Basel 2009

At Deitch Projects, they enjoy black icons.

My friend Venessa spotted a live ladybug on a David Hockney, one of the few paintings I saw that I'd want to hang on my wall at home. This is one of many ladybugs that have appeared in my path recently. I hope they being me some good luck because Lord knows I need it.

This was a neat installation where you were looking in on a warm cabin on one side and out into the cold on the other. Fairgoer favorite.

Fountain Art Fair was grassrootsy. There was a really neat, raised sauna where drunk young people sweat out all their beer. One saunite even ended up puking and passed out, locked in the bathroom. Don't ever drink in the sauna. Ever.

Chairlift performed at Fountain. The lead singer spent about a full hour doing a bizarre and loud sound check, replete with "whooo"s and "haaa"s and complaints about everything from feedback to speaker volume. Then, during the performance, the sound went out.

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