Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's stages, bro

Probably the best party this Basel was Stages which took place on Biscayne and 8th Street, an address I had to arrive at before I could even imagine where it was located. But what a great space it was! The party was hosted by a slew of people, but specifically the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Stages is a reference to the stages of cancer, which Armstrong had and overcame. Then then he dumped his wife when she had it.

The artwork was top of the line - here's a link with more details.
That's me in front of a Richard Prince.

Shepard Fairey djed and free drinks and snacks abounded. The reason I was psyched to go was Bradford Cox from Deerhunter was performing as Atlas Sound. He is amazing. I was just so into it. I know it's not party music, but he's so talented.

When I went up to ask for a picture, he said to me, "I just met you 2 seconds ago, but I know I like you." Eat that, Matt Damon. What a sweetheart!

There's Laney, himself.

Here's my little blogger section:
There's Superbee and below I saw Rydel from Miami Bike Scene standing behind an arty, party bike, so I had to take a pic since it seemed appropriate.


Emily Sue said...

Awww, Bradford Cox is sweet! Yay!

EAT said...

I know! I was really happy he was so nice and friendly.