Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scoping out sh-t, bro

All over the place, people were making public art murals. I believe it was on the official Basel agenda. This is Os Gemeos.

I thought Scope had the best art for your buck, though I didn't make it to every festival, so, what the hell do I know? Above was an animation of a scene from The Exorcist. It was very funny. There's cartoon Linda Blair spitting in the priest's eye.

After Scope, I can't even remember what we did, but my best friend was in from London and we hit up the Bruce Weber signing at the Standard. Bruce is such a cuddly looking bear. Marc Jacobs was present with his bf. My gay card was revoked because I didn't recognize MJ. Otherwise, I did peep a ton of cute, male models.

After the signing and dinner at the Standard, Miami Beach seemed a royal-pain-in-the-ass-clusterfuck of invite-only, private parties that looked less than fab in my uninvited mind. We went by the Raleigh and as we were sipping on overpriced drinks, a crew of people ran by us down to the sand; we followed. Apparently, artist Terence Koh led the procession, and James Franco and Kalup Linzy were in the crowd of probably 60 people. Details are on the NYTimes blog.

After the festivities, we hit up the Deuce which was incredibly packed with what appeared to be New Yorkers. Note for next year - Basel loves the Deuce.

I spy James Franco?

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Emily Sue said...

Wow, where wasn't James Franco? Totally sounds like there was a different vibe this year. Wish I could have come down again. Cry.