Monday, December 28, 2009

Holidays and stuff

I have much to catch up with you on, but I am currently without the photos which make me feel safe and save me some typing time. Here are a few things barely worth noting.

1. Good news! I've been reassured that Fox's will be around in its current capactity for at least a few more years. I guess that means I'll be around for a few more as well.

2. News alert: the holidays suck. They are disappointing and soul-crushing. One way to alieviate holiday pain is to read Patrick Dennis' The Joyous Season. It serves to remind that you are not the only one made miserable by Christmas and that it's really easy to laugh when things are sad and funny.

3. My parents and I ate at La Cote at the Fontainebleau for Christmas.
Depressing and WASPy? Yes. Potentially '60s glam? Potentially. I guess since no one wanted to fly down to spend the holidays with us, we were forced to spend more money than is appropriate to eat in public. When we arrived, they were already done serving their Christmas meal and the portions were small. It's always nice to eat out by the pool at a fancy, historical hotel, so I wouldn't totally pooh-pooh it.

4. I made a trip up to Tampa, more to come on that.

5. Does anyone want to make me a mixed tape or CD? I want. Thanks.

6. This was from Daily Candy today. It is stellar:
Old Acquaintance, Soon Forgot
End-of-the-Decade Fill-in-the-Blank

Dear ___ [name of frenemy],

After reflecting on our ___ [Freudian term] relationship, I realized that you suck the energy out of me like ___ [2009 vampire protagonist]. My therapist told me to get everything off my ___ [body part], so here goes:

Truth is, I never liked going ___ [trendy retro leisure sport] with you. I’m not your personal ___ [pathetic reality TV sidekick]. And it’s no secret that you ___ [past-tense verb] my boyfriend. I’d ask if you were on ___ [prescription drug], but I already know the answer, since you stole it from my ____ [aging relative].

Of course, there were magical times (guzzling whiskey cocktails at ___ [favorite NYC gastropub], charging clog boots at ___ [favorite indie boutique] on your mom’s credit card), but I want to move into 2010 as a healthy, ___ [positive emotion] person.

I do blame you for my ___ [sign of aging] but otherwise no hard feelings. Here’s to making 2010 as drama free as ___ [PBS documentary title].

Love,___ [your name]


Emily Sue said...

"Disappointing and soul crushing" - definitely describes my holiday times! Yay!

EAT said...

Emily! Your holiday card was amazing. May I scan it and post it?

Emily Sue said...

That is so nice of you - of course!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the drafted letter. Used it on all my 2009 lovers and it worked wonders for me. It truly helped me to sever all those unhealthy ties.