Monday, March 22, 2010

went to Wilco, it was good, bro

I wish I really liked Wilco's music, because then I would have probably lost my shit on Monday night's performance at the Fillmore. It was one of the nicest concerts I've ever been to, considering I didn't know any of the songs (I'm exaggerating, but basically, I'm an embarrassment - I didn't retain any of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot). However, the audience really understood the music and the band in a way I haven't seen at a concert in long time. It was very easy to watch and listen and besides that, there were so many people there. Who knew there were that many Wilco fans in Miami? I mean, everyone knew every word. I think they were bussed in from Broward or Chicago.

I've had Wilco on my ipod for years before recently accepting that I will never listen to them actively and consequently deleting them. I even had their album Mermaid Avenue, which is comprised of unrecorded Woody Guthrie lyrics to which Guthrie's daughter allowed Wilco (and Billy Bragg) to accompany with music.

Of the things that thrilled me, Jeff Tweedy brought this geekly young boy Max on stage and let him sing a song. I got choked up for realz on that one. The kid was just owning the shit out of that stage. Then Tweedy pretended the amps weren't working so he could get his roadie Steve to come up and then everyone sang him a happy birthday. I'm a sucker, I know, but it was very nice. They held an intermission where the band sat down and brought lamps out, moving closer to the audience, adding an intimate touch. They then played audience requests collected before the show, including a Woody Guthrie song (which was THE best part of the performance). A couple of them brought out and played alt-country instruments, including accordion and a banjo (awesome), and even gave out free dinners from Doraku. I kid you not.
Other than all of those treats, they played forever, were goofy and looked like they were having a ton of fun.
What can I say? I'm sold on the band. Now all I have to do is reapply their music to my tired, old ipod and revisit my feelings on it.

I forgot my camera, so I had to use my cell, hence the terrible quality of pictures. This one on the bottom is the boy, Max, on-stage pretending to play to the guitar or really playing, what do I know?


Stacy said...

Max is really playing. He made a sign that said "Can I (please) play California Stars with you?" He's a great kid, been playing since he was 6 and Jeff Tweedy and Wilco were so generous for letting him come up. Thank you for your comments!

Emily Sue said...

I feel the same as you did about Wilco - I tried to like, could not get interested. They're even an "honorary" Duluth band now - the mayor gave them a certificate at their last show. Maybe I should have went to see them live? Sounds like a fantastic experience.

CarlosRiveraFilm said...

Bro... I went! I love, Wilco! So much!

Check out my album!!!

EAT said...

Stacy, that's great! Good luck to Max in his future performance career. I am also geeky, so I meant that in an endearing way.

Emily, that's funny! I think you (and I) like music that is a little more difficult to listen to or something. If they come to Duluth again, check 'em out! I miss you!

Carlos, I'll check that shit out when I get home, 4 sho. I saw just about no one I knew there.

Stacy said...

I love that you called him geekly...cuz he's really the coolest kid ever. This week has been a thrill! Check out Max's band Peaz n Soup sometime! Thanks again!

SuperBee said...

A of all, I wish I had run into you.

B of all, Um... I love them. But of course, I have pleasant ex-boyfriend memories of A Ghost is Born and Foxtrot so...

C of all, it was a fucking KICK ASS concert - and

D of all, I have never been in a room with as many delicious scruffy guys in my life.

And E of all, when that kid came up on stage... OMG. My little cup of joy overflowed.

Anonymous said...

that really was a great show. My favorite part was "Misunderstood" that song just explodes live. OH and yeah, Nels Cline? Easily one of the best guitarists around today.