Monday, February 16, 2009

Confection was as sweet as... well, a confection?

Confection was bumping and if you missed it, you kind of suck. Just kidding, sort of. 
It took place at O.H.W.O.W. and featured art, edible sweets made by artists, beer and live music. 
Pres curated a well put together show with a sense of humor. This is evident in Hugo Montoya's piece, where he is pictured feminized by an erotic apron and where he displayed three very sexy people on three very sexy cakes, one of which was later molested by a tongue (below). 
Alex Caso, wearing his hair all nice and curly, with his band Waterford Landing, performed a sweet, dark set and then Dino and crew danced it out. A lot of fun. 
Down at the bottom is Justin Long's video "Croquetas," which was also showing at Confection. It is genius. Meatball looks like the ultimate pervert and croquetas are freaking delicious! I'm so glad created this homage to the yumminess that is creamed ham. 

Here's Jipsy's slideshow from the event on the New Times.

Croquetas from Justin Long on Vimeo.

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