Monday, February 16, 2009

Noise Conference!!! Mad fun, bro.

I managed to make it out to the International Noise Conference for two of the three days it was held at Churchill's. 
It was a particularly good year, I thought, since all the music was kept inside, which didn't do much for the aroma of the room, but kept the crowd together. 
This is one of the best events we have here in town. It brings us an element of people that aren't traditionally found hanging out around the Miami streets. People who wear the same shirt everyday of the conference, for instance. I did see this. People who like to experiment not only with their music, but with the olfactory systems of those around them. Admirably subversive.
There was the one guy wearing an Amoeba Music shirt, as is mandatory, I believe, for major Churchill's events. 
Believe it or not, I have seen some of the most daring outfits of my life at these things. Mostly young men dressed like Palm Beach granddads. They're inspirational. I really and not sarcastically would like to be as cool as they are. I salute you, dirty experimental boys. I love you. 
Here's Danny L and Marcos who played a well received, noisy set. 

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Anonymous said...

Ah, there's my once and future roommate. Rubbin' his ass on the dirty Churchill's stage floor.

Throw that shit in the washer before you sit on the couch, bro.

- Rog