Friday, February 13, 2009

radio stars, some real bro shit

I don't know much about two new radio stations here in Miami, but I know I love them.

The two I write of are 93.9 Move to the Music and 104.7, what I think is a pirated station, but correct me if I'm wrong. Both stations sort of repeat their sets again and again, but since the music they're playing are like total instant classics like JLo's If You Had My Love (93.9) and Warren G.'s Regulate (104.7), that's not a bad thing. 

They play a lot of gayness on 93.9, the sweet homo sounds of Justin Timberlake and even Robin S. (my hero). This would be what you might put on when heading someplace like Twist or Vagabond. The playlist is a gay boy's wet dream. Even the ones who pretend to only like hipster horseshit, I'm certain, have used some of these songs on a mixed tape at some point. 

104.7 is the perfect appetizer for a night on the Beach. They string together the most singalong-able hip hop you can think back upon. I can't find any web info, so you just have to go to your car, put on the radio and sit low in your seat, get your pipe out and enjoy. 

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eldesaparecido said...

"Hipster Horseshit"...two points.