Thursday, February 26, 2009

Slacking, yes.

So Miami, bro has kind of really had it with Miami. Like for realz, bro. I'm bored with myself and uncomfortable socializing. I know there's actually some cool shit going on around town, but I am not so motivated to go out out. I think it's the fact that I'm DEAD BROKE. It sort of takes the fun out of going out when I'm scavenging. When I was a wee lass, I didn't mind the poverty, but now that I'm at 30's doorstep, I think perhaps it's just pathetic. Feels that way anyway. 
I'm still here. I'm just not as enthusiastic about stuff. And beside that, I'm convinced I'm dying, but that's another blog altogether. 

Tonight, Carl Ferrari, an impossibly amazing Miami guitarist, will be performing at Kafa Kafe, 3535 NE 2nd Ave, 7-10. Eat Ethiopian(s) and just freaking relax. 

On a less miserable tip: 
Last weekend was fun. 
The Panic Bomber show was great at PS14, an engaging performance, good crowd, lots of energy. I'm glad I went!
I didn't go, but I heard the TM Sisters' opening was awesome and that they'll be having a closing in about 2 months. Mod'lone performed and I hear Maite played the bass, my roomie was very, very impressed! 
I went down to Sweat for the celebration of Judaism, but they were charging and I am without funds. Ended up at the Deuce instead. 
The Oscars were what they were. I was tickled that Sean Penn won, his speech was hopeful and I cried a little (wah). After, went swimming at the Standard, which was delightful. That piss warm water is my favorite place to swim other than the playa. It's like a huge chlorinated toilet, hot and welcoming. I love it. 
Stopped by Psychic Tuesdays at Bella Rose for Dino's b-day (happy birthday, Dino!). Freddie Nessi was spinning. The music was really, really great, all dark and moody. Me likey. Worth going back for la musica alone, though I would suggest a cocktail or two before heading there. Unfortunately, I had $.03 in my bank account, so I didn't stay long. Went by the Abbey, which has a lower credit card minimum (damn you cc minimum!), drank and proved to myself that I don't suck at darts. That's the good news though: the dart board is back at the Abbey


eldesaparecido said...

Its hard out on the Boulevard, Preach!

SuperBee said...

Grrrl. I don't do anything anymore. And I's a lawyer.

Too poor.

Bill said...

You definitely have a gift for writing... :)

Larissa said...

Being broke definitely sucks. I always try to go for the free stuff...or to things that are budget friendly...

krylonultraflat said...

I started writing something about dino's birthday party. eventually I will post it.

it's so pretentious it isn't even funny.

high five on being both totally directionless and totally miserable.