Monday, February 16, 2009

I hate you, bro, but I had a really good time.

The Hate Art Show, curated by Justin Long, was off the chain. I use this term because, don't you kind of hate when people say, "off the chain?" Anyway, it was a ton of fun and if you missed it, fuck you, no excuses. 

Every so often Meatball and Till would fire up their ass-kicking, noisy, smelly, shaking mattress box-looking machine, drawing in a crowd of swooning fans. Justin's dad was pouring heavy-handed drinks and the liquor flowed like water. Ahhh, an anomaly at art walk. 

If you came out though, thanks so much, I love you. Everyone was so nice at the opening, I almost shit myself. I thought there'd be some serious hating, but it was great the way the haters came together to bask in their collective hatred and make themselves safe from those who try and force us to "love" all the time. Fuck you guys. It's fine to be angry. Some people need to be hated. That's kind of what my embroidery was about. If you suck, you suck, and I HAVE to hate you. You deserve it. A couple of my friends let me know that they also hated the same people I hate, and it felt good to be supported in my flawless opinions on assholes worldwide.

There's going to be a closing, and I want to see all your ugly faces there. Seriously. 

This was Meatball and Till Koerber's fun funfunfun piece. 
The hateful sketches on the wall were those of Dub Murla. I am totally crushing on the man-manatee.
Richard del Forn, who got stuck spending the 2009 inauguration with me. (I love you Rick! You're my favorite.)
A mini Isabel Moros-Rigau riding the art of Barrett Long. 

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