Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Freaking sick, bro.

I've been sick. It's my sinuses and they're angry. I just had to clean out my filthy trunk and I think I might faint from the repulsion. At some point over the last 3 years (new, clean) kitty litter exploded back there. I smells like "flowers." Man, oh man. Gotta pack. 

Here's some stuff coming up. 

John Waters - my hero - is going to be at the Lincoln Theater today. I've had 2 Watersian experiences. I was in the audience for the filming of This Filthy World and I went and saw him introduce a film at Lincoln Center - some Marguerite Duras garbaaaggee. I love Duras, as one of the filthier authors of our time, but this was some awful thing with Gerard Depardieu - Le Camion. Gerard was like supposed to be an unbelievable sex symbol in it and all he did was chat with Duras and then there was hours of footage of a truck driving in a bleak environment. It was basically the most boring film ever made. 
My mom's favorite film is Serial Mom and my parents went to see Pink Flamingos on their third date. Needless to say, this is why I am a sick bitch. Love ya, John.

May 5th at the Fillmore is Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. 

Today, Carl Ferrari is playing classical Spanish guitar at a place called Bagua (4736 NE 2nd Ave).

On the 7th, Friends With You is having an event at Kidrobot on the beach - art show, launch party, 6-8.

Some more fun in regard to my road trip:
Hopefully this isn't where I end up... Google map 63° 52′ 6.23″ N, 149° 46′ 9.49″ W... it's the bus from Into the Wild.


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just say i love you too
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ignore previous comment
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