Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I went to Jimbo's

Happy Earth Day! 
I missed Saturday's gay parade, and I got the date wrong, but I made it to Jimbo's for a bit on Sunday. It was a fun time. However, you know how I mentioned something shitty happening every of his b-day parties? My friend smashed in the side of my car. Awesome, right? Not too bad a scratch, but proof of a trend none the less. 
I saw a lady lift her shirt, and her friends each took each nipple - in their mouth. No lie. A third guy shot a picture. 


The Exchange

This lady's face looked like it beat up asphalt, nice and bruised. 
This is cl"ass."

All lips and tits. 

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Alan said...

As a Miami native who's been away for almost (gulp) nine years, I'm glad to have stumbled onto this blog. Brilliantly named, deftly written. You take a kind view of the city, reminding us that while, yes, it's steamy and diverse and creative, it can also be tolerant and thoughtful, and connected to the rest of the world. I read a few great posts, like the one about Fox's, that brought up the theme of homecoming. Thanks for reminding me that there are good things to come home to, maybe even better than I remembered. Well done, bro!