Friday, April 17, 2009

Gay Pride or Jimbo's?

Two very important Miami events coincide this Sunday. I'm really torn between attending the one, the other or even either.

The first annual gay parade on Miami Beach will be marching down Ocean Drive in full regalia. I'm definitely thinking this will be an extravagant, extraordinary event worth attending. I was certain there'd been others, but apparently after a million years of homo-reign over South Beach, this is the first pride parade. I was thinking, of course, of the Key West parade. I wonder if they never had one here because it gave the boys an excuse to go to the Keys for the weekend. Now they all moved to Wilton Manors, they're aging, and driving to MB probably seems like trek. I'm excited though. We need to revitalize the gay scene on South Beach. It's fading too quickly.

The other party is Jimbo's birthday. I love going, but it's like every time I go some disaster surrounds the day's events. One year I didn't even make it there it was such a shitty day. I mean, I was in my car, on the way, never made it. I think it's the mixing of sun, angry people and cheap beer?
Swampfoot is amazingly interesting in the most complimentary way possible. The crowd is unbeatable. The mosquitoes always starving. I just can't seem to not want to go, but in my heart I know it's a terrible idea. Maybe I'll oversleep and end up doing nothing at all. My fingers are crossed.


CB said...

hit both, the Jimbos party is 6 hours long.

Anonymous said...

You no longer have to decide! The gay pride parade is Saturday.

farrahflave said...

Isn't gay pride and jimbo's (out of context) the same thing?!?!