Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've been known to get Around Town and around the nation

I have two announcements:

So, like, you know I'm into some level of anonymity. Obviously you see my freaking face up here, but generally I don't post things like my name, SS#, address, cat's name (he comes when called, don't take him from me, please!).

Get your pencils ready, because this is about to change. I'm writing a daily blog/article for NBC Miami for the Around Town section, so my name's out there floating in cyberspace, associated with this blog. This could go one of two ways. I could never get a job again, having been profane herein my bro-blog, or someone will have pity on me and love me for my brash ways.

You may notice some content overlap; don't be critical. You try thinking of 10 things a week to write about and then come at me. I will admit, it's a bit of a struggle to write not in first person. I'm such an egomaniac freakshow that IIIIIII need to write about me. I'm learning and being edited, so hopefully my voice comes through and I'm not too flustered to write what's expected of me (oh, me).

I'm hitting the road for a month. I'm barely employed, what work I have I will do from the road and I'm anxious and bored in Miami. I've been out of work since October. I come to an office 3 days a week, but it's not my job-job. I go up and down emotionally. For a bit I feel like a gigantic loser and then I feel lucky to have the time off, but mostly, I feel like I have no control over my life, no money and I've been on the border of an anxiety attack for about three weeks now. I definitely let this affect all areas of my life, and am masterful at the art of love me/hate me. I am starting to hate me here.

If you are obsessed with me (and you should be), you'd have noticed that I go through times of laying low and then longer periods of going out too much. I'm tired. I need a break, so I'm taking the month of May and driving around the country. I'll blog along the way, and I want you guys to read me and support me. It's very likely that I'll have a complete breakdown and then head back to South Florida with my head hanging down. I could care less, I'm about to lose it just laying around in my bed. At least if I'm on the road, I can have a startling backdrop like the Grand Canyon at my back as I pull my hair from the roots.

Ultimately, I'm not planning to have a nervous breakdown. I'm planning an adventure. I'll still blog locally, but I will need support and love along the way.


Anonymous said...

"You got it dude!" - Michelle Tanner

(in response to the request for love and support)


James Wurm said...

Hey! If you hit the road, make a pit stop in Chicago. I'd love to see you and show you a good time.

eldesaparecido said...

go to bat country. take lots of pictures.

nico said...

unconditional love and support from me to you, little looney toon.

lila said...

its going to be a beautiful and scenic trip. America, F-ck yeah!!

Oly said...

I'm your fan!

Emily Sue said...

I'm jealous of your adventure. There's no way you're having a nervous breakdown, it will be incredible (and rejuvenating, and inspiring, and a bunch of other words)!

krylonultraflat said...

"nervous breakdown" is just another word for "adventure"

er...phrase. whatever.