Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mod'lone and video amore

I went by Uva on Thursday to see my friends Mod'lone perform with visuals by Tasha, of the TM Sisters, and Dylan, creator of the logo above. I'd never been to Uva and knew nothing about it, but it was an interesting joint with huge roman columns and an eclectic crowd. I bought one drink and it was $10... they claimed to have had drink specials, but I didn't hear the announcement until after I had one in my hand. Bummer.

The performance was great. The music has, in my opinion, evolved a bit since I last saw them perform at Churchill's a long while back. Maybe they were just as good then, and I wasn't paying attention. Either way, they really made an impression on myself and the crowd. The first three songs were Tony on the drums and Henree on the guitar and then Maite joined in on bass for the last few. The whole time, Dylan was filming and generating images and Tasha was mixing up his and her videos onto the backdrop. Very sexy video lovemaking. It was all done with the signature humor of both these adorable artists (u 2 r cute). I hope they do it again and again and again.

Here's a video form when Mod'lone performed at the TM Sister's recent closing. Hopefully I can post the video from the other night soon. 


HG said...

the other dude on the guitar writes all the music, and is founder of Mod'Lone. His name is Henree. an edited version would be appreciated.

EAT said...
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