Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sWinding through the flUSA

I haven't written much about my upcoming journey. I'm leaving on Monday and driving through parts of the southern and western U.S. I'm not posting my itinerary because my father thinks some old perv will want to "meet me in St. Louis" as they say or maybe they don't say that in this case where in his mind I'm beaten to a pulp, violated and left for dead.
Point being, I'm heading west.
I'll be traveling with one of my brother's best friends and then good old Jimbo (my bro) and my bud Hillary will be meeting up toward the end of the holiday.

I realize that the tour is self-indulgent, but I'm trying to put my mental health first and sitting around Miami with barely any work for 7+ months is mind-numbing. My head is like a crock pot of anxiety stew (you like that? Probably not). The ironic part is that that freaking pig death will be waiting throughout my trip for me. Waiting JUST for me. Thanks to my favorite food product, the ride is littered with disease, which I am not just not a fan of, but fearful of.
I don't think the masks help much either.
I was going to create a separate blog for the road trip, but I'm just going to split up Miami,bro. So, starting Monday or Tuesday, you'll be getting regular updates from the road! I'm totally biting off of Matt Gross, I know.
If you have Memphis suggestions... give me a heads up! Thanks, bros.


Anonymous said...

I realize that the tour is self-indulgent (and what of it!?), but I'm trying to put my mental health first (as you, probably more so than others, most definitely should - cheers to being bold)and sitting around Miami with barely any work for 7+ months is mind-numbing (lemme tellya, it gets SOOOOOO much better after 14+ months). My head is like a crock pot of anxiety stew (you like that? Probably not - No. No, I do not like that).

PS - I think you're going to have a WONDERFUL trip - drop your worries/anxieties off at Yeehaw Junction Exit193 on the FL-Turnpike...you can always pick them up when you come back or just leave them be, as they would serve as quite the roadside attraction for the ramblin' rednecks who roll through that festering turd of a town.

Have faith that everything is going to be just swine and remember, at all times, "who loves ya, baby?"


eldesaparecido said...

bon voyage.

Anonymous said...

what? No O'Toole coming with ya??? ;^)

Too bad you're not stopping up in the Northeast. There's always room on the couch for ole' Lizzy.

Have a safe, fun trip. Don't think about bad shit. Just good shit.

- Rog

Scott said...

See you on the road. :) I don't know exactly how southern you're swinging, but I have a feeling our paths won't be too far off.

Enjoy the trip if I don't see you. Seriously enjoy the break.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get hounded by Paparazzi and anyone with a camera that want's to take your picture, even if you're not in the mood and against your wishes!!
Matt Damon.

EAT said...

1. Thank you, Anon. Sorry I didn't invite you along. Lotta love.
2. merci, beaucoup!
3. I'll be hitting the NYC soon enough. Thanks for the jab and the niceties - rog-love!
4. I'll let you know if we're about in the same area, that would make for nice matching blogs! Hope you're having a great time!
5. Oh, Matt, why you so angry all the time? The paps can pop away!

OnPointEntertainment said...

MEMPHIS is off the fuckin chain. I-10 bro. Beale street is one of a mothafuckin kind. saw your link on all purpose dark