Monday, July 14, 2008

Black Power?

What does everyone think about the cover of The New Yorker? Nice, huh? Stereotypes are funny? Right? I guess Obama's people think this satire thing has gone too far, they're not too thrilled with The New Yorker right now. I think this is the craziest, ballsiest image I've ever seen on the cover of a national magazine. I mean, it beats any naked pregnant woman.
I must ask, do you think they'd ever try a white man like this? I get it, it's poking fun at the right, but isn't it also putting a ton of negative energy out there that Obama doesn't need?
All in all, I like the Black Panther movement, Muslims are mostly cool, flag burning is your business. The one really disturbing thing in this image is Osama on the wall. That's just unnecessary. Really. Let's not even bring up the Obama name association. We just want to get the Republicans out of office, HELP, DON'T HURT. This kind of hurts.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I have such mixed feelings about this one. Once I realised it was satire, I couldn't stop laughing. At the same time, why they always gotta be picking on Michelle O? Lady's got style and she ain't never be sporting a fro (at least not since 76).

EAT said...

Dear "anonymous," #1. let me tell you, there is nothng wrong with big hair. #2. I agree... Michelle may not be the most attractive lady, but she deserves respect anyway. At least they painted her with a huge weapon, makes her more symbolically "powerful," #3. if you write realize with an s, I'm going to know who you are. Glad you're not neglecting your friendly duties.

Anonymous said...

Me likes Michelle. In fact, a little biopic I read on her made me like her a little more than her husband. Not to say I don't like lil' O. Let's get real, Bill Maher said it best in today's NYT -"if the New Yorker can't do political satire, who can?"

I hope if I run for president one day, they don't put me in a Juan Valdez outfit though!

Anonymous said...

No one seemed to appreciate me going around giving everyone fist bumps at work today.