Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rainy Days Up Biscayne

I stayed in on Friday night, hoping for a romp in the sweet MB waves the next morning, but Mother Earth wouldn't let me fully satisfy my water lust. I was in denial about the rain for about the first 5 hours after I woke up. I was certain that it'd clear up. I heard about $5 kayak rides at Morningside Park, and I drove up there, dodging lightning bolts, thinking, "it'll be sunny by the time I get there." Of course, it wasn't, there was nothing but dark hovering clouds and danger, so I ate like a ravenous wolf at Canela Cafe instead. Pictured here is the cafe Canela, which is yummy. It's like Starbucks, but good and not gross. Two of us ate a ton of food for only $26. I would order a soup from Canela for sure if I were you and I were eating there. I had about 20 rolls with the tasty garlic butter, which I scooped into my mouth on a spoon when no one was looking.
After, I went by C. Madeline's vintage store and tried on about 10 dress, the cheapest 10 in the store, all of which cost at least $100, except for one that wouldn't fit an anorexic 9 year old, which was $55. The only affordable items are minuscule, and everything else is unreasonably overpriced. The tiny thing was fine when I was thinner, but now that I have a huge derriere, it's just mean. It's great to look around there, and wonderful if you have $$$. My broke ass prefers Etsy.

At about 3:00, the rain let up a bit at the same time I happened to be driving by Oleta State Park which conveniently has a sign for kayaks out front. The ride was expensive - $30 for 1.5 hours - but it was worth it to get off of the land for a bit. Most of the ride takes you through a swampy mangrove passage, out onto the Bay and then back into the swamp. I didn't see much wildlife, as there were 100s of people around, but I saw a blue heron, which I have a picture of waiting to be developed on a disposable waterproof camera I bought on-site for $10. I would go go again, and again.


Marco said...

...and again and again

krylonultraflat said...

Shake A Leg rents kayaks, and the money goes to a good cause.