Thursday, July 10, 2008

I express myself through my fart.

The (F)art walk is this Saturday (I know, I'm a child), and I this means there will be scores of wierdos, thirsty for free beverages, lurking around every corner of Wynwood. I will be one of these, soaking wet from the summer heat, and sucking down whatever vile booze or "wine" I manage to seek out.
There's this MAP Magazine party thing next to the Snitzer. If you can make out nothing else on the flyer, you will notice the Bombay Sapphire logo in the corner. Free. Yes, free.
I think I read that there's stuff going on, though don't quote me, at Snitzer, David Castillo, Emmanuel Perrotin, Locust Projects, Dorsch, and then lastly, at 2020. Last month I had a nasty-drink taster-session, starting with white wine, on to vodka, then vinegar, or something remarkably similar. I therefore ended up napping in my car at the end of the night before heading home. Wow. Fun, right? Not this week, I get paid tomorrow, so I'll be drinking Miller Lite before I even leave the house! That's right, living large (or at least living with a large-ass). I'll see you on the street.

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