Monday, July 28, 2008

happiest b-days, Myamah

I ended up attending both of my weekend suggestions. The Bar was mostly an uneventful five hours of evening drinking, which, as always, led to a long and eventful night.

The One-One-Two: Imagine Miami Reborn, Miami 112th B-day Party, presented by Camposition, was a very interesting event, and I have a bunch of pictures to tell the tale. This will end in 2 blogs, I imagine, picture-wise. For being "Miami's" birthday party, the event was wholly un-Miami in most ways but for the intensely overwhelming heat and humidity. There were all sorts of cretins, creatives, and perverts in costumes fit for the best Karen Black-circus-burlesque-Halloween party. Over on the left there was the scariest person in a painted sock at the event, and there below is Jasmine, the loveliest lady of the night in costume. The reason I say that the event was very un-Miami is that... let me say this gently... I think Miami is a beautiful place with much to offer in terms of creativity and cultural, but it is not a place that typically celebrates "otherness," or strangeness, as this night did. Don't get me wrong, I
loved the weird, I think we need more of that here in the MIA, but it was, in and of itself, a celebration not necessarily best suited for our sunny mecca of sexy. With that said, I thought the event was funny, and fun, and engaging. Most importantly, don't let me forget to mention that it was sponsored by Churchill's Pub, which was also named one of America's best bars by Esquire Magazine (as were Zeke's, the Deuce, and Jimbo's!). I'm putting up a separate Chungalicious blog-- they were fabulous.
Here were some other highlights: the incredibly talented Karl Ferrari on guitar, accompanied by flamenco dancing, Blowfly out of costume (he came out in costume spewing words like balls and pussy, afterward), and a very interesting dude dancing with the best dancer in the place, about 20 years his junior.

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