Sunday, July 13, 2008

Art Walk Miami - July

I arrived late to the art walk, but I caught the end of a few things. Here is my friend Genevieve at Locust Projects, which is an ongoing piece by Jason Hedges, Lamb, about food. He roasted, wouldn't ya know, a lamb, and you can see the spit below. The Weather Channel said it'd be in the mid-70s, this was a cruel lie, it was 90 degrees, and the roasting fire made me feel like I was melting! But it was a lot of fun seeing street meat in a new way. Gen looks like she's really into that meat, huh?

Next, I ventured to the new 2020 space which isn't near 20th Street anymore, but on 36th, I think and N. Miami Ave. Here I am looking at a Smurf boner. Jay Hines made this great piece. It really makes you think about smurfs and boners and other things too (though mostly boners)!

This is just a gratuitous blood shot of Nick's finger. He knew I'd understand. I do. This is the type of shit that happens to me too!

I went to Churchill's for a bit for Strongbow and a laptop battle and then to PS14 right before I went home. Luckily Otto was performing when I got there and the show was lively as ever. I couldn't get a good picture, because I suck, but if you look closely you'll see an alligator head sticking up in the middle of this shot.

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