Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Update

On the way to the Jamie Lidell show, I was stuck in traffic on 395. I was running just on time for the show before it took me 45 minutes to drive 2.98 miles. No lie. We saw cop lights in the distance and as we neared the area where I was expecting extreme carnage, as what else would hold up hundreds of cars for an hour on the road? But all I saw this scene below: minor fender-benders and two lanes blocked off. Ridiculous and cruel. People were hopping out of their cars to piss on the side of the road. That's how long we were waiting.

So, when we finally got to the Beach, I parked easily and as I arrived at Heathrow Lounge, I noticed a line of people out front, and then a fire truck pulled up and three firemen went into the club as I stood wondering if I was going to miss the show. Apparently the fire alarm went off and the place was at capacity. Luckily I had tickets and a big mouth, and by the time we got in, we had only missed one song. The show was good, I thought, though a less impressed friend mentioned that she felt like she was at a Suenalo show. It was very "soulful," was the word she used, and to me this was a good thing, to her, not so much. I saw what she was getting at, but ultimately, the music was fun, and totally danceable. At one point Jamie Lidell offered the mike to the girl next to us, for her to sing into, and then, I guess because she didn't know the words, and she's obviously a nutcase drama queen, she fake fainted onto her friends. I didn't get a picture, but here's the bad coming off the stage:

I was determined to take a picture with one of the band members, so we attacked whomever exited the stage as we neared it, and it happened to be Jamie Lidell! I grabbed him and asked for a pic, and he was very cool about it. I love you, Jamie, you're cool.

In a non-related event, my brother was in town this weekend, and we spent a bunch of time in the sun. On Sunday, I went kayaking again, but this time, up at Morningside Park, which is only $5 per hour, per person. There are a few islands around there we paddled to, which were strewn with garbage. My friend and I felt the urge to clean up the earth, but instead we made our way over to the mansions, and attempted to peer into the windows.
We needed to clean the dirty bay water off of our bodies, so we went to South Beach for a dip. Let me tell you, it was the most beautiful beach day I've had in years. The sand was like baby powder, the water was just shallow enough and clear enough to see through. The waves were high, but not overwhelming. The water was warm, but not like kiddie urine. It was divine. There's Jimbo and Jesse basking in the beauty of Mother Earth, with a huge cruise ship, ploughing through the pristine nature, behind them.

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Emily Sue said...

I want to be in Miami! It doesn't get above 70 up here in Duluth.
I just bookmarked your blog so I remember to look at it. Word.