Friday, July 11, 2008

Dog Meat Off the Menu During Olympics

Roasted pups. Beware, this is gruesome, like as in it made me want to barf on my keyboard.
My father actually ate dog by accident when he was a medic in the Philippines during Vietnam. It didn't taste bad, but once he found out it was Fido on his tongue, he was a little grossed out.
Thanks for being so strange, Far East!


alesh said...

I spent a few weeks in China, and never once saw dog on a menu. Apparently it's fairly expensive. There's a particular breed of dog that's bred specifically for food. I admit that it's kind of gross, but I'm not sure why I think so. Pigs, after all, are at least as smart as dogs if not more.

EAT said...

I heard the same about dog, and, you know, if I were hungry enough, I'd eat my own brother (a la "Alive").
I don't think intelligence plays a role in what makes my tummy rumble, because I LOVE swine. I think what is off-putting about the dog eating is that domestic dogs, like cats, are animals whose existence is completely dependent upon the human race. We're like their earthly caretakers. They are our children, we need to protect them, sort of, and that's what makes us question eating canines. I think there's a group of people in the South Seas that raise pigs as pets, and then later hunt them down, kill, and eat them. I mean, there are people that eat their dead relatives to keep their spirit alive, basically. So, when it comes down to it, eating dog wouldn't be so gross if we didn't act like dogs are our children. I guess it's not even really gross at all! No, I mean, maybe a little.

Anonymous said...

miss viet nam 2008 is a vegetarian.

EAT said...

...and Miss America sleeps like a vannmpire, with her arms folded across her chest.