Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is a picture of Oly, Nathan and Danny L playing at MOCA last week. They had a really good time with it, and they rocked. After they performed, Rat Bastard made some noise for a mostly confused audience.

I saw 2 Live Crew, minus Uncle Luke... but they were pretty good anyway, and played a bit longer than I expected. If you notice in the picture, someone familiar... It was hilarious, because they wanted girls on stage, correction, they wanted girls with booties on stage, no wait... they wanted girls with fat asses that they knew how to shake on stage. However, the Money Shot hoes had no asses worth shaking, so I jumped on stage to show my gigantic derriere. The second I got up there, I was met with a boner grinding on my leg, by a braided black man. It's not a 2 Live Crew show if you're not molested by a man on stage.


Anonymous said...

There's some ho's in that house.

- Rog

EAT said...

It's ho or hoe? My goodness, written ghetto speak is so very, very complex!

Anonymous said...

A hoe is what you use on soil.

A ho' is what you soil. Ropesssssss of jism.

- Rog

Marco said...

ho is the correct spelling...however, in the plural form ho is in fact spelled: hoes (as with the word potato, you add "es")

ur welcome

Anonymous said...

It's like the Puerto Rican day parade