Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Of course I'm out of the Country during the convention and I have no idea what's going on. I saw Ted Kennedy's pic on screen on the U-Bahn, so I guess he spoke today. I know Hill's on for tomorrow. If you know anything interesting about what's going down (read: Jimbo), then lemme know!


farrahflave said...

you missed some teary speeches, liz. glad that google helped you in berlin. alfonso thinks that youtube is the oracle at adelphi so ask it next time you're in trouble http://www.youtube.com/

EAT said...

Thanks Fafs and Fonz. I mean, who would think to use a search engine to look something up? I saw some of Bill and Obama's speeches. They're so great on stage. Gonna youtube Beau Biden's speech in a sec. Apparently it made Eddie cry.
Check out South Side Girl up there. Michelle be rockin' the Whitney Houston, 80s style. Also a little bit of a tearjerker.