Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey there, Miami. I am back in town after a wonderful vacation in London and Berlin. I found some gems that I want to share with you all, in case you head across the pond and need advice. I am considering starting right now, but last night I danced like a dork for hours and attempted to show up this girl who was doing one-armed push-ups at this club, but I could only do a few them with both my arms. This is possibly because I had been drinking for eleven hours straight and had little balance, as well as limited movement from my tight Opening Ceremony, birthday dress. Every muscle hurts and is angry with me. Let's just say I'll start tomorrow.

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Emily Sue said...

Funny, I was planning a trip to London and Berlin myself in January. But since I will be going by myself I'll be too chicken to do any of the things you did. Instead I'll anonymously go to museums or something boring like that. I'll probably be too afraid to even eat in a proper restaurant and just have Wagamama for breakfast, lunch and dinner or something.