Sunday, August 3, 2008


I was going to say some really mean shit on this post, but some reason I feel, I don't know, watched? I just deleted a picture where I was going to comment on, where there are all these new anorexic, "gay" boys hanging around all over the place. They're like fake gayish guys who make it with chicks? I feel this is an affront to true gayness, and I kind of also don't find it sexy at all. So cut it out wannabe queers!
On Friday, I went to Churchill's and had a really good time. This band, The Hiss, played, and all I can say is that I couldn't figure out which was more interesting, Shark Week or The Hiss (
Shark Week).

The Jacuzzi Boys played their best performance I have yet seen. Rick, from Ha Ha Help, in full Joker gear, was loitering around and on the stage. He took his shirt off, and then I turned to him and said, "why don't you get on stage?" He liked the idea very much and I think he enjoyed his time up there quite a bit.

Diego (Jacuzzi Boys), got a very desirable necklace from King Khan when they were on tour together last month. It has what are either shrimp or crawfish. I cannot express how much I think this necklace is perfect in that it is themed on food and luxury. Yes and yes.

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