Monday, August 18, 2008

Stormy Weathers

I just got back from my brief "vacation" to Manhattan and New Paltz, NY. I will give you an adequate update soon, since I ate delicious food in a beast-like manner which you must salivate over.

I just wanted to tell a quick complaint tale about my flight up. I was scheduled to leave on Thursday at 7:30, but there were tornadoes in Hialeah or something(?). Anyway, my flight didn't leave till after midnight, and it was the bumpiest ride, possibly ever. It was probably how it felt to fly on the first commercial flight over the Himalayas in wintertime. Yeah, it sucked. I even felt the shake through my drug induced "sleep." Then, an hour before we landed, the pilot wakes me from my pathetic rest to tell us that Laguardia closes at 3 a.m., did anyone know this(???), and that we were being diverted to JFK. Perhaps my least favorite airport.
So, at around 4ish, I finally was waiting in line for a taxi, when I said, fuck it, I'm doing a car service. I jumped into a car with a dude --Wally-- from the Ivory Coast (of course), and we made friends. Apparently he sells real estate, and has places listed that are in my friend Liza's building. Small world! He introduced me to some Nigerian musician dude named Fela. There's truly a buttload of great African music out there waiting to enter my ears. Thanks, Walls.

Anyway, I'll post my other adventures later. I just wanted to complain about my flight. I wonder if Miami was any fun this weekend without me. It was probably MORE fun, but I am into being delusional, it was boring, I'm sure. This works for me.

So, this hurricane, huh? Fay's going to dump on my birthday tomorrow?
For sure.
But I'll still be chillin' at home dressed in a cat costume with a cider in one hand and a red velvet cupcake in the other. What better way to spend you billionth b-day?


eldesaparecido said...

That mental picture of you in the cat costume with the cake in tow made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

How old are you?

JIS said...

I know what you should do, come to White Room in your bathing suit and chancletas thirsty for hurricane punch. i mean what else is there to do other than be safe and responsible and stay inside. come'onnoah!