Sunday, August 31, 2008

London 2: Party, Night 1

After tea at Harrods, we napped and then went out on the town. 
In London, you don't tip the 
bartender, so they have no reason to be heavy handed 
with the booze, and in fact, at most places, the shot glasses are this big <----. Pathetic. Anyway, we started at George and Dragon and then stopped into Favela Chic, both in the trendy 
Shoreditch area, which has a variety of  types and shapes of partiers.
Favela Chic reminded me of a friendlier South Beach club but George and Dragon is what the best East Village, semi-gay, grimy, chilled out dream bar wished it could be. In other words, the atmosphere was relaxed, the people were friendly, the drinks affordable, the people cool, and not pretentious. It was gay heavy, but very diverse as well. The bar is small and most people spill out onto the street, but is filled with entertaining eye-kitsch, like this Cher likeness, seen
 above. The DJ was rocking out the good old TLC and Dolly Parton, and we spoke with him after his set. Turns out he's the guy that used to throw the, now defunct but well known, Boom Box parties. He was friendly enough wanted us to keep in touch. We were talking music for a bit, but when I asked him if he had heard of Girl Talk (as this type of music came up), he acted like I thought up some nobody, Hialeah, wannabe DJ who played bar mitzvahs, like I was crazy to mention such an unknown "Miami" person. No offense, but often people that "throw" parties tend to be insecure and project false confidence. Just chill out guys, there's nothing wrong with just being yourselves. Anyway, one of the bartenders, who was adorable, told us about this party at a parking lot warehouse across town with "great" DJs. This basically translates from European to American to something terribly trancey. We went anyway, and here's Eddie being a goof with some dude who lent him his glowing glasses, obviously left over from a late 90s rave. It was really organized and had an actual bar, two areas with DJs and neat graphics on the walls. There were a bunch of kids there as is evidenced below. Next day we were off to Berlin! 

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