Tuesday, August 5, 2008

half hair

Not me.

If you know me, you saw that earlier this year I shaved the side of my head. Though it was mostly eclipsed by longer hair, one friend asked if I had had surgery, another (a man, of course) said it made him feel like he was hanging out with a boy, and everyone else thought I looked like a lesbian. So, it wasn't liked by all. I don't give a shit, I liked it. Anyway, turns out this model Alice Dellal, who has taken over for Kate Moss as the face of Agent Provocateur, rocks out with the same 'do. Naturally, she does it better than I do, but whatever, she's a model! I'm a dork! The point is that lately, I have seen and heard of other sightings of Miami ladies with partially shaved heads. I just want it to be noted that, well, it needn't be said, I mean, all that need be said is that the revolution will be blogged. And you're welcome for the inspiration.
These two ladies were my biggest shave supporters. Eddie, not so much.


Anonymous said...

i like how jessenias side tail compensates for ur side cut, it thought it was pretty cool when u did it.

Emily Sue said...

I never knew you did this. Am I out of the loop or what? I need to read your blog more often, sorry for that. I need to RSS that thing or whatever it's called.